A first-hand account of the fallout from one drunken summer night in July 2005.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Text message on my cell when I woke up this morning:

"Can we go back in time? Sorry btw"

From: Brad-Cell
@ 2:24 a.m.

--> So I've cooled off since the shitstorm that was Wednesday morning, but still haven't spoken to Brad. Four of our mutual friends have mentioned that he's been asking everybody about me, what I'm up to, where am I, etc. Dumbass, I'm HOME, where I usually am, getting things done that I never could find time for when I was chasing YOU around. But now that he's asking about me and the text message, I think I can safely assume that he's not pissed off. We're gonna be in the same place all weekend, so I guess I'll find out.

Man I'm gonna be sooo wrecked for the next two days... I'll have a drink for all y'all!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

A good run, while it lasted...

Well, as usual, a lot has happened since my last post. One major point, I suppose, is that Brad and Bitch broke up, for good this time. They're the type of couple that don't realize that couples fight and get over it. They always thought everytime they had a fight, that they had broken up. But this time, they actually, for-the-first-time-in-5-years, broke up.

Last Friday night, we were at a party, and Brad disappeared with a girl he had been "after" for awhile. IMHO, she's not at all hot, but everyone has their preference I guess. For reasons still-unknown, he was being particularly bitchy to me, so finally I had had enough and just walked away from him. It was getting to the point where he would say something nasty for no reason at all; and I know I hadn't done anything because we had gone out the night before, I got too drunk, he drove me home, and that was that until we went to the party Friday night. I remember I wasn't SO drunk that I said or did anything to offend him, it just further confirms my theory that he's bi-polar.

Around midnight, he found me at the party and started accusing me of lying to Drew. (Drew had came to my work Friday afternoon looking for his cooler, I said it was at my house, and that was that) Brad then proceeds to tell me that afterwards, Drew was bitching about me and how I wouldn't stop asking why he wanted it, where he was going, etc. Okay, 1:30 on a Friday afternoon (my busiest work day) I have time to stand around and play 20 Questions? So Brad then says "So you're saying Drew's a liar, then?" and I responded with "Uhh, Brad, he's always been a liar. The guy lies about things that don't even need to be lied about. He's been like that since we were kids" and then Brad glares at me and says "I think YOU'RE the goddamn liar" and starts to walk away. I yelled after him, and all he can come up with is "I don't wanna start a fight..." and walked away. He'd already started one.

I ignored the asshole for the rest of the night, and he finally left with this girl. I know some of you are thinking I pined after him all night because he didn't go home with ME, which is sooo not the case. For some reason, Drew wouldn't stop talking about him, with this sick-worried look on his face. I couldn't give a fuck where he went. It was taking all of my strength not to go out in the driveway and smash Brad's car windows with a baseball bat. I've told him I don't know how many times, I don't get pissed off very often, but when it happens, it's bad. And my best friend calling me a liar gets me pissed off. Somehow though I restrained myself. I made it to bed around 5:30, calm.

Saturday, I still didn't give a shit where Brad was. My buddy Scott was going to his camp for the day to get it ready for the party this weekend (can't wait), so I called his cell and said I would meet him up there in an hour. Wouldn't you fucking know, as I drive up the driveway to Scott's camp, Brad is just getting out of his car. Great. The last person I wanna see in the last place I'd expect to see him, and here he is. He looked like absolute shit, and for the first hour we were there all he could say was how he had finally bagged that girl. I mean like every 5 or 10 minutes, he would bring it up. Just as I was about to tell him to get over it, Scott looks at him and says "YES BRAD, we all know you're a big stud. We all know you cheated on your girlfriend, AGAIN, with ANOTHER skank, because you reek of sex and beer. And BY THE WAY, I wouldn't brag a whole lot about fucking (her) because almost every guy in town has fucked her at least twice, she has a kid to prove it, and she's not even hot. And look at her parents, she's NOT GONNA GET HOTTER"

My mouth was hanging open. I couldn't believe it. Scott never flips out like that. Even Brad couldn't say anything. Long story short for the rest of the day Brad was pretty good. We all calmed down and drank some beers and ended up having to sleep at the camp that night because none of us could drive. Good times.

So by Sunday night, Brad and Bitch had fought and chewed and called it quits, so Brad did what he does best, got drunk to celebrate. I was leaving and told him I'd call him sometime this week. He said "don't bother, I'll probably be missing" I had better things to do with my time, since he was starting to look less hot and more trashy in my eyes, the guy hasn't gone to work in 3 weeks, just bought a car, borrowed the money for it from his drug-dealer brother in law (MEG'S baby-daddy) and has been drunk pretty much ever since. He's either gonna wind up dead in his car, or at the hands of baby daddy, or at the very least, in jail. What a waste. Ah well, I got mine.

Monday night, Scott called and wanted me to come over and watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup. I again had absolutely no desire to be anywhere NEAR Brad, but half an hour into the game he walked through the door. Wow, he wasn't drunk, nor did he have any beer with him. Somewhat impressive. He (again) acted like nothing had happened. We went outside for a cigarette during intermission, and I asked him what his problem had been last Friday night. He looked at me with this confused look on his face and said he remember's almost NOTHING from Friday night. Instead of leaving it at that, I filled him in on every little detail just to make him feel bad. Then he started going on about Drew, and how he had gone back to Bitch and told her everything Brad did Friday night, and THEN TRIED TO PICK HER UP! I just looked at Brad and said "What did I fucking TELL YOU?? You can't trust the guy with anything!" He agreed.

Tuesday night though, apparently he had "forgotten" again and he and Drew were buddy-buddy again. I called his cell phone about 11 Tuesday night, and discovered it had been disconnected. Whatever. I was ready to write him off completely. But, there would still be one small glimmer of off-key hope...

I wake up Wednesday morning to go to work. Come out to the kitchen and get my coffee, light a cigarette, and turn towards the window. There is Brad's bright red car sitting in my driveway. His windows are tinted so I couldn't tell if there was anyone in it or not. I walked outside in my boxers, across the lawn and opened his door. He almost fell out onto the driveway. He half-awoke, looked at me and goes "niiiice. Mornin' sexy" The smell of stale beer has never been more over-powering. It was disgusting. I rolled my eyes at him, and told him I charged for over night parking. He threw his wallet at me, so I grabbed it and his keys (he had almost fallen back asleep by this point) and slammed the door. When I left for work, he was still asleep in his car, with the windows up, and I drove off with his keys and wallet in my console. My house was locked, no spare key, and he had no cell phone. Good luck buddy!

At lunch Wednesday I thought I'd drive home and see how he was making out. When I pulled in the driveway I saw him STILL ASLEEP IN HIS CAR for Chrissakes. Halfway to his car, the thought crossed my mind that maybe he was dead. It was already about 80 degrees outside, and he was sitting in the sun with the windows all up. Eyes closed. Not moving. Wuh-oh...

Just my luck, the fucker was still alive. He awoke for real this time, somewhat sober, and VERY confused as to why he was in his car in my driveway at noon on a Wednesday with no memory since about 5:00 yesterday afternoon. I didn't say a word to him, just threw his keys and wallet on the ground and went inside for lunch.

He came in after a few minutes and started saying something about how he had made a lot of big mistakes recently, I agreed, and said it was gonna take a lot more than his puppy dog eyes to make up for it. He told me he just "really liked this girl for a long time and thought he wanted to be with her" and I shot back with "well, if you're happy, that's good. Fuck how everyone else feels. I hope she's worth losing me, Bitch, your parents, your sister, neice, Scott, your JOB, your CAR, which is gonna result in your LIFE is you don't start paying (him) soon. You have to realize that you are 23 years old. Everyone else your age has GROWN UP. You are more of a child now than you were at 16. It's pathetic. And you passing out in my driveway until noon on a weekday shows you can't even take care of yourself, so how the hell do you expect to take care of your new whore and her kid?" My voice had gotten louder the longer I went on and by the time I finished I was MAD. I figured he'd have something to say about me calling her a whore but he just sat there with a stunned look on his face. Then the tears appeared in his eyes and I walked to the door. I was putting my shoes on and he grabbed my shoulder and pulled me up.

"I want you to tell me everything right now. Everything." He said.

"You wanna know everything? Fine. I'll tell you everything. Last summer changed me. You fucking changed me. You turned me into somebody I never wanted to be but now that I am I like it, and for the past year it's been somebody I wanna be forever but with nobody else but you. I know last July was a drunk thing and you said it wouldn't happen again, but it has happened again Brad. Over and over and over. And everytime it happens this gets worse and worse for me. I fucking fell in LOVE with you. I hated myself for that for the longest time but I accepted it. BUT, I love the Brad that I sneak off to the camp with. The Brad I spent Christmas Eve with, the Brad that talks really low and is half-shy when we're alone and the Brad that doesn't act like a dickhead. I don't even LIKE the Brad that calls me a liar when you know goddamn well that you are the ONLY person IN THE WORLD that I have never ever lied to. EVER. Nobody knows more about me than you do but if you feel you need to call me a liar then be my guest. You think you have it so hard. I'm a bisexual who wanted to be straight until you told me you were bisexual too. Well you can't keep fucking me and letting me fuck you and you definitely can't keep kissing me the way you do and then tell me that 'it's just sex' because that's a load of bullshit. And don't think I'm asking you now to choose which road you wanna take in life because I'm not. I knew for the longest time which way I wanted to go - far away from this hell hole, with you. But the way you've been acting lately I'm glad it hasn't happened yet. You are very quickly becoming somebody I don't even want to be AROUND, let alone be WITH, and that might hurt you but it hurts me too. You are the only person I trust anymore. I tried to help you last winter when you were in Rehab. I helped you when you wanted to kill yourself. I've given you I don't know how much money and I don't expect any of it back. Anything I've ever given or done for you has been a gift, not a loan, and it was all a big thank you for being there for me when I needed you. And you're ruining it."

I was holding myself together pretty good (for me) and I shut my mouth right there. He hadn't even tried to interrupt me the whole time which is unusual for Brad. He was still staring right at me, but his gaze had softened. After everything I had said to him, he looked at me and said (as I expected he would)

"You love me?"

"Yes." I said, and went back to work without another word.

I haven't heard from him since.

And it doesn't even hurt that bad. Why is that?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Spontaneous Combustion

I love when stuff like this happens:

It was an over-all shitty weekend. Everyone had gone away to somewhere or another, Brad and Bitch had gone to her mothers' house, and alas I was left all alone in my little hick town. Friday night sucked, I kept a bartender-friend of mine company until closing, then I went home. Saturday, I sat my ass on the couch all day and downloaded new music. By 11:30 Saturday night, I was disgusted that there was literally NOTHING to do. So I gave up and went to bed.

Sunday perked up a little bit, a buddy and I went golfing, which probably to some of you doesn't sound like much, but I like golf, and at that point I was up for anything. But, eventually golf came to an end, and my buddy had to go meet his girlfriend at work. So once again, there I sat. I was actually feeling really depressed that I hadn't done anything all weekend. So around 8:30 last night, I took a drive out to the camp. I was so down, that all I wanted to do was get drunk. Yes, even by myself. I just wanted that numb feeling. There's always some stray liquor laying around the camp, except for last night of course. Then I remembered my uncle's hidden stash of pot in the bedroom, so I went and got that.

As I was on about my second pipe-full, I thought I heard footsteps outside on the porch. Just like 1 or 2, though. It was still daylight and I hadn't heard anybody pull in, so I chalked it up to an animal. About 2 minutes later, the door swings open, scaring the shit out of me, and standing there is... Brad.

I said "You fuckin' scared the SHIT out of me!!! How'd you sneak in here so quiet?" He just grinned and said he was "just sneaky" and sat down.

"How'd you know I was out here?" I asked him.

"I saw you drive by Drew's house while I was in there, and drove out around (Bitch)'s house, and then around by the gate, saw the gate open, couldn't figure out who else would be out here at 9:00 on a Sunday night but you, so I drove out." He explained.

I offered him a hit off the pipe, which he took, which excited me, because Brad is fun when he's stoned. He doesn't do it very often, which makes it even better when he does. It's occasional. Then we started a search for liquor again. Finally I found a half-pint of whiskey, which I eagerly drank almost all of, and Brad called a friend of ours who always has a stocked liquor cabinet and rarely ever drinks. Luckily, she also lives about 5 minutes from the camp. So in Brad's car we get and cruise out to get some booze. (Yes, the whole time I had in the back of my mind that I had to get up at 6:30 the next morning and go to work, but I was trying to shake that off. I hadn't seen Brad all weekend and he was in a verrry good mood)

I'm still not sure if it was the pot or the booze that tipped him over the edge. As we sat at the table talking, his head started to bob a little. He handed me a cigarette to light, and as I handed it back to him I said "you just wanted me to wrap my lips around it" meaning the cigarette. He grinned, and said "Maybe" as he tugged at the crotch of his jeans.

About half an hour later, though, something got the better of him and he staggered over and fell on the bed. "night night" he mumbled, and I finished my drink and smoke, turned out the lights, and climbed in bed beside him. I set the alarm on my cell phone for 3:00 a.m., still intent on going to work in the morning. (What was I thinking...)

I couldn't have been in bed any longer than half an hour, but had just started to drift off to sleep, my right arm wrapped around Brad's side, when suddenly he jumps, enough to wake me up, and I pick my head up to see him struggling to get his pants off. I'm puzzled, because this has all come from nowhere. I go "what's wrong?" and he flips over to face me, pushes me onto my back, and starts ripping at my shorts. He yanks them off, along with his pants at the same time, grabs my shirt and lifts it up over my head, breathing hard the whole time, but not saying a word. When he's finally got us both naked he rolls over on top of me and starts going at me like a madman. My hands pinned over my head, he kissing all over my neck and shoulders, grinding his hips into me, just completely in the heat-of-the-moment type thing. We rolled around a few times, and we ended up both on our sides, facing each other. We were both just grabbing at anything we could get our hands on, and I started to finger his ass. Although, my finger wouldn't go in. It took me a few seconds to realize he had a buttplug in. He grinned as he sensed I figured it out, and reached down and pulled it out. He jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom and returned with a container of vaseline. Neither of us had still spoken a word to each other, but being caught by surprise like this had me fuckin' pumped. I could have fucked a piece of plate steel at that point I think.

As he lubed up my cock, I was jamming as much vaseline as I could into his ass, which had loosened up considerably with the buttplug. He flipped over onto his stomach and I spread his legs. (Just to give everyone more perspective, if at anytime we seemed more like 2 gay cowboys, this was it. There was nothing sweet and tender about any part of last night. It was totally uncontrolled spontaneous animal sex. I mean every aspect of it. I thought I gave him a concussion at one point, and I have a bruise on the top of my head from banging it off the wall)

So anyways, I jam half my cock into him right away. He winced and groaned and said "STOP" but then he exhaled and said "don't fuckin' listen to me just keep going". So I jammed the rest in and you could tell he was in pain. Both hands were damn near ripping the sheets and he was biting the pillow. I started pumping in and out, increasingly faster, and had a good even pace going for about 5 minutes. "Pull out" he said, so I did.

I asked if something was wrong, he said "no, flip over. My turn." He fingered me for maybe a minute, then proceeded to jam himself into me, much like I had to him. I winced also, at least he had a buttplug in his ass for god knows how long, I had nothing! It gets hazy here for a few minutes, but then I remember him slamming away all of a sudden. It felt so goddamn good I don't even know if I was making noise or not. He was laying on my back, his stubble scratching my left shoulder, his arms around my hips, pulling me up to meet him. I started bucking my ass back into him, and he raised up really quick into a doggy-style position. I stuck my ass up more for him and he grabbed onto my hips again. It was nothing but BANG BANG BANG for a good 10 minutes. We were both moaning and swearing and sweating, this is when my head was banging up against the wall. I didn't give a fuck. I just kept slamming my ass back onto his cock, he would pull completely out and slam it back into me. He laid down across my back again, me still on my hands and knees, and he wrapped his left arm underneath my left armpit, and back up around my shoulder. Like this he proceeded to pull my whole body back into him for another 15 or 20 minutes. He was jerking my cock off with his right hand and I had to slap it away because I would have came any minute. He started to slow down some and I turned my head to the left where his was resting on my shoulder.

"Don't. Stop. Fucking. Me." I growled, and stuck my tongue in his mouth. He growled back and started to slam away at me again. He was pulling my hair, jerking me off again, I could feel his nuts slapping against mine everytime he thrusted in, I could feel his sweat dripping like water off of him and onto my back, he was groaning everytime he'd bottom out, I was just moaning uncontrollably. He laid down on me again and I reached back and mistakenly scratched the hell out of his whole left side of his torso, but once again I didn't care. He didn't either. I was squeezing my legs closed around his, bucking back into him, moaning like a whore, feeling his whole body cover mine, his thick 8 inch cocked jammed as far as it would go in my ass, his huge hand wrapped around my dick, pumping away, matching every jerk to every thrust he made in to me.

"I'm gonna blow in like 2 minutes man" he growled in my ear.
"You're gonna fuckin blow in my mouth" I growled back.

He yanked himself out and I flipped over onto my back. He climbed up so he was sitting on my chest and I told him to jerk off for me. I stuck my tongue out so it was just touching the tip, and he started to buck his hips. I slid my right hand under him and jammed my middle finger up his ass. He moaned and threw his head back, and grabbed my cock with his free hand. I pulled him up more so I had about half his cock in my mouth, and I could tell it was go time when he sucked in air really quick. His ass tightened and his teeth clenched. All he managed to say was a strained "nowwww" and his load let loose the same time mine did, all over his back. He filled my mouth completely. I do this thing where I count the shots to see how many they get, and by 8 my mouth was full. I just kept sucking, Brad kept bucking his hips, my finger still up his ass, him still jerking me off. I was swallowing every drop I could get of him. This guy is 100% stud, seriously. There is nothing bad about him. His cum even tastes fucking awesome.

After about 5 minutes, we were still in the same positions, Brad had pulled out of my mouth because he'd gone sensitive, and he laid down first on top of me, giving me a big sloppy kiss, then rolling over onto his back, still panting (as was I), wiping the sweat off his forehead. He asked what time it was, I looked out the window, the sun had started to come up, so I figured it was about 5 a.m.

"You really think you're going to work?" He asked me.
"I should, but I don't think I will." I replied.
"I'm not. You're not either. The gate's locked, nobody has any idea we're out here, just fuckin' sleep all day." He said in my ear.
"Sounds good" I mumbled and he rolled over onto his stomach and wrapped hisleft arm around me, grinding his now-soft cock into my hip. I must have fallen asleep right away too. I woke up around 8, called in sick to work, gave Brad my cell to call his work, and climbed back in bed with him. We laid there until almost noon.

Guilt got the better of me though, so here I sit at work, it's 8:00 at night. I've been here since 5:30, my ass is more sore than it's ever been, and I just finished up some paperwork. I'll be out of here in half an hour. Brad wants me to go help him with something at his house when I'm done here, hopefully it's got nothing to do with sex, I'm totally worn out from last night! By the sounds of his voice, he is too.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Bear with me...

I am SOOOOOOO fucking sick of hearing about Brad and Angelina's new baby, Shiloh Nouvel. Whoopee, someone had a baby. I guarantee that wasn't the only kid born in the world that day. Whoever paid $4,000,000 for the first pictures of the kid is a RETARD. Yes, I think it's great that the money is being donated to charity. I actually have to give Brangelina a high-five on all the good things they do (more so Angelina, I think Brad just tags along, because she looks like one hot P.O.A.) and I have no doubt in my mind that they are annoyed to no limits with all the press surrounding them. Their situation happens everyday: She's a woman who knows what she wants. She wanted Brad Pitt. Brad was married. TECHNICALITY! Brad's not married anymore. Jennifer Aniston milked the depressed lonely divorcee thing a little too much, and found a rebound in... ahem, VINCE VAUGHN??? Dude's gotta be hung like an elephant, because he looks like he jumped from a moving vehicle and landed in a huge pile of AGING CELEBRITY. Props to him though, too, because he's one of the few celebrities who doesn't care that he's getting older. And he's bangin' Jennifer ANISTON like a screen door in the wind, which is never a bad thing...

If I pick up ONE MORE MAGAZINE and see "Britney & Kevin on the ROCKS!! Kevin moves out!! Britney Spears = MOM FROM HELL". Like seriously... okay. Number one, someone give me a Hollywood marriage that lasted forever. Plus, Britney is a (semi-former) POP STAR who married her backup dancer. He must be hung like an elephant too because Brit seems like a high-maintenence type. Or did, before she packed on 30 lbs (even before she got pregnant) and LET HERSELF GO. I have (or had, not sure) a poster of her in my room when I was 17. Not because I was a fan of her music, but because she was wearing a BLACK LEATHER whatever that barely covered anything, and thigh-high boots. Blonde hair, and a look in her eyes that could only say "FUCK ME LIKE A JACKHAMMER PLEASE?" I think that was sometime around the "I'm a Slave 4U" phase... *drools nostalgically*
But, she let herself go. She, like Vince Vaughn, doesn't seem to care. She wants to be a mom now. Hey, everybody grows up sometime, right? Her kid fell out of his high-chair. Social Services paid a visit. Hey, SS, guess what? A million kids a day fall out of their high chairs. It was an ACCIDENT. I wonder how many of those people that bitched about Brit being an unfit mother actually HAVE kids, or have at least taken care of one for a day. Babies and toddlers HAVE SMALL BRAINS!! They're brand new, and don't know NOT to do this or that. That's how they learn. My roommates' kid, who is 3 now, and is a little wiser, but when he first learned how to do things himself, he fell down. He hit his head. He bruised himself. He's not damaged. My little cousins' favourite thing to do when he was 2 was BANG HIS HEAD AGAINST THE WALL.
Omigod. Britney tripped and almost fell while holding her son... Uhh, yeah? You can see why. And don't blame it on her pants or shoes. The poor girl was just trying to get to her car, and there were at least 20 paparazzi creating complete chaos all around her. No damn wonder. They make her look so bad saying she's doing this or that wrong, but most of the time, they set her up for it. Yes, I admit, the whole convertible thing wasn't very smart, or the lap-holding in the drivers' seat. But hey, cut her some slack. Nobody's perfect.

I've asked this question before, but WHY THE HELL IS PARIS HILTON FAMOUS? I thought about that the other day. Besides the sex video (which started it all), she has done The Simple Life, but that only came about after the sex video. Ultimately, everything she has done in the last 3 or 4 years has been because of the sex video. Doesn't that kinda classify her as a porn star? ==> (Followup: Yes, I have seen the sex video. I actually have it saved in a folder on my computer. It's not that great, night-vision regardless. I can't believe Rick Soloman didn't backhand her when she answered her cell phone. If I'm fucking a girl, or guy, doesn't matter, and a phone rings, THAT'S WHAT VOICEMAIL IS FOR! Otherwise the girl lays there for the most part like a starfish while Ricky pounds away at her. I think she climbs into a reverse cowgirl once or twice, but only because he tells her to...)

Honest to God, sometimes it would be nice to be a celebrity, from a financial point of view, but I could NOT STAND people following me around all the time and taking private pictures of me, telling lies about me, etc. On the other hand, if I were famous, the tabloids would have a field day with me. I just wouldn't care what people think. Sure, whatever credibility I would have would be shot, but whatever. 15 minutes is all I'm lookin' for. Despite what I do in my life now, however sordid and off-the-beaten-path, when it all comes down, I am a very private person. I like to be alone once in awhile, perfectly quiet, and just relax. I like to know that certain BITCHES aren't going through my things when I'm not home. I would like my life to be the way it used to be, when I wasn't constantly looking over my shoulder. I guess what I'm trying to say is, even in my tiny town, I am somewhat of a celebrity. Of sorts. People talk, they talk to other people, and stories get around. Not ALL stories that go around about me are bad, though. Mostly untrue, and if they were true my life would be 10 times more interesting than it already is, so now I guess I'm immune to most things people say. For the most part, it's good for a laugh, if nothing else.

Thanks for letting me vent. I haven't done that for awhile... Stay tuned next week for what I'm hoping will be another good weekend!


Monday, June 05, 2006


At one point this past weekend, the thought crossed my mind that maybe I party a little too much. It was at the point when I realized I had racked up tabs at 3 different bars the weekend before and didn't remember being at 2 of them. But, apparently I had fun, so that was the main thing, and I shrugged that silly feeling off. "Sowing wild oats" is what I break it all down to. Friday night was fairly uneventful; a few of us sat around the house and just hung out. After everyone left around midnight, I was still wired (and fairly sober) so I took a drive out to the after-hours bar. The place was crowded, which I like, so I stayed until about 3. Some friends from high school were there and I hadn't seen any of them for awhile so we all got caught up. After we smoked a joint everything was all good for the rest of the night. I arrived back home around 3:30 and headed to bed.

I slept until about 10, and had a dull boring day. It was raining so I couldn't even wash my car or work around the yard. By about 4 p.m. I had had enough, so I texted Brad "It's beer time". About 2 seconds later my phone beeps and I see "GODDAMN RIGHT - BE THERE IN 10".

Needless to say, about 12 seconds after Brad's car pulls in my driveway, Bitch pulls in right behind him. Once again, we ended up sitting around for an hour or so and then I suggested we call some people and play poker. 10 of us ended up around the table and for once I was winning. Long story short, it came right down to me and Bitch (who kept saying she was tired and wanted to go home) so she went all in. I had about 70% of the chips, so naturally I called, positive I would beat her. I had a flush, Queen high. I smiled to myself, thinking "I knew I'd beat you one way or another" and flipped my cards. Then she flipped hers... She had a flush, King high. The cunt beat me by one card. I couldn't believe it. But, I was still in the game. However, she would NOT stop bitching about how tired she was so I finally went all in. I had a straight, and I was sure by the way she had been betting that her hand wasn't very good. The girl doesn't know how to bluff, so that's why we always ask her to play poker with us. Anyways, I ended up beating her and she was out the door within 5 minutes. She was practically dragging Brad along behind her, saying something about how he was driving his own car home since he hadn't gotten totally bombed. He jumped in his car and took off, probably trying to get away from her more than go home. Once again, I wasn't tired, and it was only 10:45, so I went in my bedroom to change my clothes and was gonna head to the bars again. Just as I put my hand on my cell, Brad called from his. I picked it up and he asked if I wanted to meet him at the bar for a drink. I said sure, that I was going there anyways. I could hear Bitch running her lips in the background so I just rolled my eyes.

When I got there, she was standing beside him with her hand on her hip, looking pissed. When she saw me she strutted over and said "Look, I'm tired, and I'm goin home. I don't care how drunk you guys get or where you go, just don't leave him alone. After that whole episode Tuesday night, obviously he gets in that mood when he's alone and for whatever reason you seem to be the more responsible one. So, best of luck to you I guess. See ya." I waved my middle finger at her luke-warm attempt at being nice (behind her back) and away she went.

After an hour or so, Brad and I headed to the after-hours place again. Packed again. As soon as we walked in the door, I saw this girl that used to go out with my cousin. She was kinda nutty but really hot, and Brad had hooked up with her last summer and said she gave him the best blowjob he'd ever gotten. She seemed to be in a really good mood, if you know what I mean, and while she and I were outside for a cigarette, she pulls an 8-ball of coke out of her purse.
"You wanna?" she asks.
"Hmmm, maybe. You might have to convince me" I said back to her. She grinned and grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her friends' car. Once inside, she immediately went for my crotch. I was rock hard in record time and as soon as she wrapped her mouth around my cock I knew all the stories I had heard were true. Within about 7 minutes she had me so close to the edge that I was just about to grab her head when she stopped.
"That's enough for now. Want some?" She grinned.
"Yeah, why not..." I replied. She had said "for now" so hopefully that meant the rest would come later. We each did a line and went back in the bar.

Brad and I started a game of pool, and right after we started, he asks "Wanna go for 3 tonight?" I had no idea what he was talking about until he discreetly pointed and himself, me, and her. I clued in and said "yeah, THAT could be fun..." so we finished our game quickly and I asked her if I was gonna "get the rest tonight". She grinned and grabbed her purse and followed us out to Brad's car. Brad drove and she and I sat in the backseat. It only took her a few minutes before she started back on me again, and that plus the coke made it feel that much better. I looked up front at Brad who was looking me right in the eyes through the rearview mirror. He was grabbing his cock through his jeans and enjoying what he was seeing. He looked a little too long once and the car drifted onto the gravel shoulder. She picked her head up and I said "We're gonna switch drivers. I think he needs a break." She said "tell him to come on back" so Brad pulled over. When I stepped out of the car Brad grabbed my dick through my unbuttoned pants and said "Drive to the camp. Fast" I smiled and replied with a smart-ass "No shit" and off we went.

I could tell by his breathing that he was getting close after 10 minutes or so, and that was about the time he lifted her off and said he needed a break and was gonna return the favor to her. I will say that she was definitely a moaner, which was good because as you know, that's what I like. Anyways, before 5 minutes was up we were at the camp, thank God, because my cock was straining against my jeans so bad I was waiting for them to rip. There was definitely no time for playing coy, because we pretty much had our hands all over her all the way inside. I had enough time to flick the fuse panel on as we walked by on the way to the bed. She was pulling Brad's shirt off with one hand while her other one was pulling at my belt. We both stripped to our underwear and started taking her clothes off. She had on really hot looking black underwear and told us to stop before we took those off too. She laid back on the bed and looked up at us.

"I take it you 2 naughty boys have done this type of thing before?" I grinned at the corny-ness of the word 'naughty' but started to answer no to her, when Brad spoke up and said "Not exactly, but pretty much." I glanced over at him, sort of to give him a clue to not say too much.
She must have picked up on that, and said "Ohh, so maybe the rumours are true. You guys fool around?" I had no idea what to say. I'm an excellent liar as long as I'm not put on a spot that big. I also had no idea what was going through Brad's head, but he seemed to be in control so I let him go.

"Not necessarily..." he said to her and she spoke up with "It's no big deal if you do. I've fooled around with other girls before, and I just sucked you both off in the car so I obviously don't have much for inhibitions. Plus, I've never actually watched 2 guys go at it before, in person, and I think it'd be hot."

"We'll see..." said Brad, which pretty much let the cat out of the bag but I was so goddamn horny I didn't give a shit. Plus she was probably telling the truth. I'd known her for a few years and heard of some of the stuff she'd done, and she had never once denied anything, so I thought 'what the hell, what happens happens' and started taking off my underwear. Brad followed suit and we both started kissing her body. Before long she was completely naked and Brad was fingering her and eating her out while she moaned around my cock, which was shoved most of the way down her throat. I was coming close to the edge again and pulled out. She was writhing pretty good and moaning like a banshee and I couldn't help but jerk off. The combination of her hot tight body moving around on the bed that Brad and I had fucked each other so many times on, and seeing him laying face down in her pussy, his arms stretched up her body, his tight ass grinding into the mattress, I was bringing myself to the edge quicker than I wanted. I tapped Brad on the arm and told him to switch. He got up and just the sight of his hardon begging for attention that bad was almost enough for me to grab him right then and there. But then I looked at her on the bed, her mouth practically watering for either of us, and I started to climb down between her legs.
"Ohhh fuck me please. I can't take it anymore" she moaned in a very porn-starish way. The thought crossed my mind that this was pretty cheesy, but who cares? I needed to get off, and obviously she and Brad did too, so I made myself quit thinking about things so much.

Considering all the stories I had heard about her, she was still pretty tight. Of course, she was athletic too, and that never hurts. I had sex with a girl in high school who was on the track team (and who subsequently went on to the Canada Games) and she was damn tight. So anyways, now it was me on my knees with her legs on my shoulders, my cock buried to the hilt in her cunt, and Brad straddling her chest with his dick down her throat. She kept doing (almost) the same thing with her pussy as Brad does with his ass - tightening and relaxing really quickly, and I thought "how perfect is this?" After a few minutes, Brad climbed off and said he was getting close so he was out for a few minutes. She was flat on her back, arms outstretched, grabbing onto the blankets, her head thrown back, long dark hair everywhere, a nice sheen of sweat covering her. Brad stood off to the right of the bed, slowly tugging on his cock. I looked over at him and licked my lips. He nodded towards her and then at me and winked. I shrugged my shoulders, as if to say "whatever, go for it." and he walked around behind me. Initially I thought "whoa, I didn't mean for you to fuck me while I fuck her, that's a little too much a little too soon." but I was wrong. He knelt down behind me and climbed between my legs, face down. He started licking her pussy as I fucked her, and at the same time was licking my shaft and balls. That felt amazing and a moan escaped my lips as she picked her head up and realized what was going on. She let her head fall back onto the bed, her chest heaving, and she moaned "that looks fuckin hot". I leaned up over her, planting my hands beside her head, holding myself over her. This gave me more of a thrust and Brad better access to pretty much whatever he wanted.

After a few minutes, Brad got up and walked back around the bed again. I needed a break so I stopped and pulled out. She lifted herself up on her elbows and said "Okay guys, lets see it."

Brad said "What do ya wanna see?" and glanced over at me.
"Show me what you do when it's just you two" she said, daringly. She had a really sexy look in her eyes, and then I knew she wasn't joking. This wasn't a set up or anything, she really wanted to see us go at each other. I honestly didn't know where to start and I was too busy staring at her laser beam blue eyes, when I feel Brad's hands grab my head and turn it towards him. Before I had time to react his tongue was in my mouth and my whole body went weak. All I remember thinking was "well, secret's out..." but that familiar feeling overpowered everything else. He moved in closer to me, his stiff cock poking me in the stomach. I wrapped one hand around his back and pushed myself in closer to him.

"Holy shit! I didn't think you'd actually do it!" She said. I pulled back, about half-expecting her to jump up, grab her clothes, call us fags, and steal Brad's car. I looked at her, and she had that same look on her face. Then I noticed she had 2 fingers buried in her crotch, and she said "That is fucking hot."

Brad pulled us both down sort of on top of/beside her and everyone just kind of went crazy. Hands everywhere. In the darkness I went to kiss her and pulled back for a breath and when I went back it was Brads mouth I met. I knew when it was her hand on my cock, because Brad's hands are enormous. I had fingers inside her while Brad ground against my side. Suddenly Brad lifted her up and pushed me onto my back. She climbed on top of me, and I pulled her up so she was sitting on my face. I felt Brad's mouth go down around my whole cock. She turned so she could watch him better, and she moved into a 69 position and helped him lick and suck my balls and shaft while I had my tongue jammed as far as I could into her snatch. She was pushing herself back into my face and going absolutely crazy on my cock. I couldn't feel Brad anymore. All I knew was that when he said she gave the best blowjob, it was no lie. I felt her raise up off my face some, and I looked to see Brad lifting her hips. She spun around and sat down fast and hard on my cock, facing me, while Brad fed his cock in to her mouth from behind me.

She was riding me hard and squeezing herself tighter with every thrust, and I knew I had about 2 minutes left. I groaned something about being really close and she just kept riding me. Just about half a second before I went off, Brad let out a yell that he was cumming. He pulled out of her mouth just enough to shoot it all over her face while at the same time I'm blowin the biggest load in a long time deep inside her. I had shot enough in her that it was running out around my dick and Brad's cum was dripping all over me and her both. I felt his knees buckle behind me and he must have collapsed because I felt his hands grab onto my shoulders hard. He giggled and I asked "what?" and he said that she had really given my back a workout, as there were claw marks up and down both shoulder blades, some deep enough that I was bleeding. I grinned, as everyone knows that's the sign of a good fuck. She was still sitting on me, panting. I asked her if she came at all, and she said yes, twice that she could remember. I leaned in to kiss her and she licked some of Brad's cum off her lips and fed it to me. Good ole' familiar taste, and it tasted even better coming from her mouth. We started making out and Brad started kissing the back and sides of my neck. I honestly don't remember much after that, except when I woke up about 5 hours later and we were all laying tangled in a heap on the bed. Someone had thrown the blankets over us, and I shut my eyes to go back to sleep. She was beside me with her ass pushed into my crotch, my legs were tangled in Brad's, and someone's hand was under my head. I didn't care who was who, it was a great night.


When we finally awoke, we all dressed and cleaned up the camp some, and jumped back in Brad's car. When we dropped her off at her house, she leaned back in Brad's door and said "Thanks guys, we'll have to do that again some time." We both smiled and said sure, and drove off. Somehow, somehow, we avoided Bitch all day, and just hung out with Drew. We bragged about our little escapade with "her" and he fessed up that he had fucked her last summer, about 3 hours after Brad had. Neither of them knew about the other, so it was pretty funny when Drew realized that he had Brad's sloppy seconds. He fired back with the same thing about what we had done the night before, but we convinced him that that is a different story.

A few hours later, Brad and I were sitting alone at my house. He kept saying how he had to go home and get some sleep, as he had to work at 6:30 the next morning, but he just kept leaning closer and closer to me on the couch. I didn't wanna say or ask him anything, just in case I was wrong, but finally he just laid down on my lap and closed his eyes. As dumb as it sounds, even though all the signs are there, I have been wrong about these things before, and I just can't ask him if what's going on with him is the same thing that's going on with me. Brad is weird like that. If that wasn't the case, he'd probably get all weirded out and not speak to me for a month or so. Lately though, the less I say and do, the more he comes around without me pushing him. Maybe that's been the problem the whole time, and I just need to let it happen naturally. That's what seems to be working for now, so here's hopin'!