A first-hand account of the fallout from one drunken summer night in July 2005.

Monday, January 22, 2007

An old friend's return...

Okay, so I admit, I've been incredibly lazy with the blog since before Christmas... I REALLY appreciate anyone who reads it, but honestly I just didn't feel like blogging... Until now, because something really awesome happened on the weekend that I HAVE to share...

So Brad and I have been hooking up more often than ever; Bitch has been staying at my house less and less since she started back to school, Brad still stays once in awhile (probably not as often now because he too returned to work) and it's just gotten so mainstream that not much seems particularly 'special' anymore. He still fucks me like a wild man, as I do him, you know, good hard rough sweaty fucking but that's what we've always done. We did pull another all-nighter last Thursday night, totally unplanned, we both fell asleep on the couch watching TV and when I awoke around 2:30 I had a throbbing hardon. Before I could fully wake up though, Brad awoke and walked into the bathroom. When he came back out he turned to walk into the bedroom and I waited until I heard his pants hit the floor and I called him back out. He poked his head around the corner,

"What?" He asked.

"Get out here. We're gonna have a contest." I said slyly.

He walked out in his boxers, "What kind of contest?" He asked,

"We're gonna have a jackoff contest since I'm horny. You're always horny, so I know you wanna. And where it's so late whoever cums first wins" I half-expected him to just turn around and walk back in to the bedroom but he smiled and said "Okay!" and dropped his underwear while walking to the couch.

I turned on a porno and we started jacking off, which quickly elevated to us jerking each other off, to me sucking him off (best blowjob I've ever given, so he said... I'm getting much better at deepthroating) and then after a few minutes he turned into a whore-boy and was begging me to fuck him. I mean like, no preparation, no fingers, rimming, nothing. I started to put a finger in him, and he grabbed my hand and said "No, your cock. Like, right now. All of it" So despite the look of sheer pain on his face I slammed it home and fucked him like crazy on the couch, the coffee table, the floor, at some point we moved to my bed where I plowed him some more. Then I was begging him to fuck me, which he did and it also felt like the best ever. Like, brace yourself on the headboard. He had me by the hips and was pulling completely out and shoving it all the way in. I grabbed my cock and jerked it once and exploded all over the bed. Suddenly he pulled out and flipped me over and straddled my thighs and pumped his cock viciously until he blasted all over my face and chest. He fell on top of me and started licking his spooge off my face and then stuck his tongue in my mouth. After a few minutes he stood up and pulled me into the shower where we cleaned each other off and ended up fucking again, it was wicked. Then we sat on my couch until 6:00 a.m. and just talked, smoked, shot the shit so to speak, and here I am having to get up for work at 7. Just before we drifted off to sleep Brad told me to take his car to work and he would take mine to his dad's garage and clean it all up for me while I was at work. So I awoke and went to work (dead tired, by the way) and met up with him again Friday afternoon. He spent Friday night at his house and Saturday was spent just being lazy I guess...

Now for the best part of the weekend...

I've mentioned before about my ex-roommate Leigh and how we had messed around a couple of times before like 3 years ago and neither of us had mentioned it since, really. Well Saturday night, Leigh's girlfriend had to work the late shift and said she probably wouldn't feel like going out after work anyway, but that Leigh could feel free to go out with me if he wanted. So I picked him up around suppertime and we ate and went back to my place and drank a few beer, a couple of other buddy's came over and we all went out to a party, then to the bar afterwards. By the time we left the bar and my friend Ian was driving us home, Leigh was passed out in the backseat. Since Leigh's house is in the opposite direction as my house, I told Ian to just take us both there and I'd call Leigh's g/f when we got there to let her know where he was.

When we pull in the driveway, Leigh half-awoke and must have thought he still lived there, and climbed out of the car, honestly with eyes still closed, walked around Ian's car, around my car, in the house, into the living room and onto the couch just like he used to when he lived there. I was laughing hysterically at how smoothly he did it all. So I grabbed another beer and walked over the couch and sat at Leigh's feet. Being drunk and horny, and a porno being on TV, I started to get a little brave. I needed to jack off, and when Leigh passes out, it takes a LOT to wake him up. Apparently he wasn't as passed out as I had thought, because before I even had my belt unbuckled he started to stir. He moved his feet up onto my lap, right on top of my hard dick. I froze for a minute just to see what he was up to. Suddenly I felt his foot move slightly 2 times. I grinned, as this was our signal for "let's go" when we used to fool around before. (i.e. if we were passed out somewhere, etc) so I flexed my thigh muscle twice back. His foot moved twice again, I flexed again. With that he sat bolt upright on the couch and yanked his shirt off. He stood me up and started yanking my pants off while I took care of my shirt. We were both naked in like record time. I noticed that he wasn't nearly as apprehensive as he used to be. Before, he'd be really nervous and reluctant and especially get really awkward after it was all over, but he was like a new man this time. I called him on it and he just said "well since then I've gotten a lot more comfortable with the idea, as long as it's only with you, and I never wanted to do anything while I lived here just in case it caused some friction." I was touched but didn't wanna turn this into a big long talk so I grinned and said "Speaking of friction..." and wrapped my hand around his shaft, which in case I haven't mentioned before, is freakin' gi-normous, like beer-can thick and about 9 inches long, and Leigh is only about 5'6" or 7" so on his small (but muscular) frame it looks even bigger. I went way down on him and he sounded like he really appreciated it. He had his hands wrapped around the back of my head pumping away and asked if I was gonna let him fuck me finally. (We never actually fucked before because I was a lot less experienced back then and his dick was just scary-looking so we always stuck to blowjobs)

So when he asked and I lifted my head and went "Oh fuck yes" he looked kinda surprised. I said "Well, I'm a little more experienced now than I was back then so I think I can take that just fine now" and that's when he asked if me and Brad were fucking. I trust Leigh with everything but I didn't really wanna betray Brad so I just told Leigh that I wasn't saying any names but that he wasn't exactly off track with that guess. He smiled, nodded, and said "I figured, don't worry. I won't say a word." and I went back to sucking him.

"So are you saying that Brad is hung bigger than me?" He asked.

I laughed and lifted up again, "Fuck no! Well, he's not small by any means but man, you got a porno cock here. I've never seen anybody with one like you before."

He asked me how long we had been doing it, and looked surprised when I said over a year and a half. "So you really do have lots of experience then!"

I smiled and nodded. He then said, "So how do you like it?" I crawled up his body and looked him straight in the eyes and said "Hard, fast, rough. Just as hard as you can give it to me. And I'm serious." His jaw dropped and I felt his cock harden even more in my hand. He was always a big leaker and there was no exception this time. My hand was nearly soaked and he still tasted the same as always. I told him this and he asked what he tasted like. I said "I dunno, you taste like you, but I always loved it. Even better than Brad" He seemed quite flattered so he let me suck him for a few more minutes before he lifted me up and asked where the lube was. I grabbed it from my bedroom and he asked where I wanted to do it.

"Right here is good" I said, meaning the couch. I started greasing us both up and he had this look of excitement in his eyes that I had never seen before. He had always looked very nervous and scared but now he was much more comfortable.

I positioned myself over him and started working him into me verrry slowly.
"Nervous?" He asked.
"Fuck no, I'm an old pro at this now." I smirked back.

Well, Leigh is bigger than Brad. And I noticed. I must have been wincing because he asked very quietly if I wanted to stop.

"God no. I've wanted to do this since the first time did anything - it's happening this time."

"Good." He said.

After a few minutes he was in and I felt much better (and fuller). I sighed and looked down at him. He grinned up and asked if I was good. I affirmed and started slowly riding up and down on his pole. He immediately threw his head back and grabbed my hipbones. I went increasingly faster until he was moaning and gasping out loud, his head still back on the couch. I bent down and started sucking on his neck and ear, which he apparently really liked.

"I know we said no kissing but that feels fucking good" he hissed.

I tightened my legs and my ass and started riding him harder. His nails were digging into my ass cheeks and as I rode away, I abruptly stopped. His head snapped up and asked what was going on.

"I want you to plow me," I said, "but not on the couch."

We stood and went to my bedroom, where Leigh shoved me down onto the bed on my hands and knees and shoved his way back inside me, my head spinning.

"Oh goddammit just fucking like that man. Just as hard as you can" I breathed.

He started slamming away and moaning and swearing and sweating and I just kept telling him to go faster, harder, rougher. He had one hand on my right hip and his left hand was clawing at the back of my shoulder as he jackhammered his Italian sausage in and out of me. I felt him bend over my back and start biting the back of my neck, licking the sweat off of me. I started shoving more roughly back into him and told him to make me cum. His right hand went underneath me and started jerking me off, but I slapped it away.

"I mean make me come from the inside." I said.

"How?" He asked, between pants.

"It can be done, just keep doing what you're doing and it'll happen" I assured him as I reached behind us both and grabbed his ass. He raised up on his knees and grabbed me around the waist and pistoned in and out quicker than ever and I started to feel the tingle. The closer I got, I raised up and leaned against his heaving chest and grabbed his hands with mine. He squeezed my fingers and growled "Are you close?" in my ear. "Un huh" I replied, and squeezed his hands tighter. He sped up yet again and in about 3 or 4 pumps I started cumming. It was one of the few full-body orgasms I have ever had and it took a lot to just stay up on my knees. I wrapped his arms around my chest and pushed back onto his cock. As I was shooting everywhere, I heard him say "Holy shit, you really are cumming" and that seemed to spur him on.

When my orgasm had subsided I told him to stop for a minute. He pulled out and I flipped over onto my back, placing my legs on his shoulders.

"Your turn" I said as he shoved back in.

"It ain't gonna take very long man" he said, still panting.

"Fill me up. I wanna feel you blow inside me Leigh. God you got a big cock" I just kept talking dirty to him and I knew when he bent over me and placed his hands over my shoulders that he was getting close. He was biting his bottom lip and his breathing was quick. The more I talked the louder he was saying "yeah yeah oh yeah here it comes man FUCK here - it - COMES" and over the edge he went. He shoved hard down onto my pelvis and rammed all 9 thick inches deep in me and coated my insides with what felt like a humungous load of cum. It must have been because he was slowly pumping in and out as he shot and I could feel him running out of me.

His breath was hot on my neck and he was breathing so hard I thought he was gonna have a heart attack. I ran my hands up his sides, around his arms, and up the side of his head and through his hair. I ran my nails lightly down his back to his ass and held him there, his body still spasming mildly. I turned my head and kissed his neck and told him to stay in me. He grunted a low "un huh" and I felt his lips on my shoulder, kissing me back.

At some point we separated, and I awoke hours later, Leigh still sound asleep beside me. I snuck out of bed and went out to the living room to have a cigarette. I laughed to myself when I walked in; the place was trashed. As many times as Brad and I have had crazy sex like that the living room has never looked quite this bad.

I went back in the bedroom and crawled back in beside Leigh. I lay there looking at him for a few minutes when he awoke, looking back at me.

"Well that was fun" he said, grinning.

I laughed and said that yes, it was.

"I know you'll keep this quiet, you always have before. Maybe we can do this again sometime?" He asked.

"Uhh, yeah definitely man. Most definitely. Maybe I can convince Brad to have a threesome sometime" I suggested with a smile.

"No, I think we should just keep 'me' between you and me. You and Brad just keep doing whatever it is you're doing and we'll just keep 'us' between us." He said.

"Oh, okay, no problem. I won't even mention it to him." I told him

"Okay, cool." He said, relaxing.

A little while later we got up, showered, and I drove him home. Leigh's girlfriend made us breakfast and asked us about our night of drinking. We laughed and told her about funny things that had happened (minus one major detail) and all was well.

Brad's weekend looks pretty well booked this weekend, so I told Leigh that I would hang out with him Friday night or Saturday. You never know where this may lead, I know I'm looking forward to it!

We'll see...