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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Life. Is. Good.

What else can I say? I am totally, absolutely, 100% in love. I know, you all have probably figured that out by now anyway, but since my last post, Bitch has completely left the picture. Yes, they broke up. Brad's been having a hard time with it, and honestly, I did feel awful for him at first. There was actually a point where I would have liked to see them back together because he was just inconsolable. But he's come around a little now, at least that's what he's projecting, and he has all but officially moved into my house. He's spent the past 11 nights there, and we've had a few "put-it-all-on-the-table" talks during that time. I admit I went through another period where I denied my feelings for him in order to make him feel better but he cornered me last weekend and said he knew what I felt and that it was okay. I still couldn't drag out of him what he was feeling however. But as we climbed into bed, exhausted from an incredibly long day and evening, he rolled over and gave me this huge, genuine hug, nuzzled his head into my neck and said "I love you" into my ear. I knew he could see my smile in the dark as I told him that I loved him too, and for the longest time, he wouldn't let go of me. As a matter of fact, I think I fell asleep before he did let me go. Anyways, like I mentioned in my last post, our relationship is at the point where we can sleep together now without completely raping each other every chance we get, which is nice sometimes. I guess you could say we've become somewhat of a married couple when it comes to bedtime... haha! I dunno, I'm just rambling. I am honestly swamped at work right now (which is where I am now) but I have been promising an update and this is the best I can do with my schedule for right now... Just letting everyone know that things are better than ever between the two of us, and again, feel free to email me anytime.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's awesome dude. congrats :)te

1:38 PM

Blogger Alex said...

Hi! I just recently found your blog and I've been reading through it. Fantastic. I recently started my blog too so I would love if you added my link to yours. I added you already too.



11:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything still going well?

3:17 AM

Blogger mark said...

Congrats, bro!

5:49 PM

Blogger Alex said...

We miss your updates!! We want to know how it's going :) I'm sure great!!!


1:41 PM


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