A first-hand account of the fallout from one drunken summer night in July 2005.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Okay so, I'm not even gonna bother explaining the whole Kevin situation. I could and may go into detail at some point regarding some pretty hot fuck sessions, one involving a ski mask, but basically he couldn't make up his mind whether he was gay or straight and couldn't grasp the concept of bisexuality, so the relationship ended. I'm fine, he's fine, we still talk once in awhile, life goes on.

History also repeats itself...

Last week I posted a short message about me waking up next to a certain someone ;)
I will now explain myself.

Brad came into town (we no longer live in the same place) to see about a new job. I invited him to stay at my place while he was here, an offer he accepted. I should add that Brad is now engaged. Awhile back, Brad and I had a discussion where it was decided that whatever we "had" was over, and we would never speak of it again; we would move on. It was, believe it or not, something that I initiated. I pretty much fell out of love with him, I guess you could say. It worked out well, he had fallen in love with a girl (now his fiancee) and I am very happy for them both. But I'm still a horny guy. And so is Brad.

So his second night here, we went out to the bars. The last bar we ended up at was a strip club; a pretty decent one at that, for this town. So hot girls and a LOT of alcohol, we finally end up back at my place. I'm laying in my bed, half passed out, Brad comes in and sits down on the bed. I drank some water and woke up a little, and we just sat and talked for awhile. Naturally our conversation turned to sex, and I made a joke about how once you get married, you don't get laid anymore. He joked back that he doesn't get laid NOW, even before the wedding. After awhile we got to talking about stuff we used to do, and I said that it was possible we could do something tonight just for old times sake. I was honestly not even thinking he would take me seriously, but he stands up and pulls his shirt over his head. I'm looking up at him and he says "You gonna join me or what?" So we get naked and start making out on the bed, and it was nice to see nothing has changed with him. He started grinding his dick into mine and running his hands up and down my body, just like he always used to. My hands automatically went to my favorite place, his meaty muscular ass, and pulled him even harder into me. We flipped around and I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him for all I was worth. I had him moaning and squirming around in no time.

To set the scene a little better, when we used to fuck around at my old house, we did it pretty much anywhere. My bedroom then, though, was nothing special. It was just a regular bedroom. My bedroom here at my new place however, is pretty epic. It's huge, has this big gas fireplace to the right of my huge kingsize bed, a whole bunch of tiny recessed pot lights in the ceiling which that night were set so dim you could barely tell they were on, and on the wall that runs diagonal to my bed is a huge full-length mirror. So anyways all I'm saying is there was some major atmosphere going on.

So after I suck him off for awhile, he's getting so worked up that he makes me stop. I was honestly getting kinda tired, and I'd been blowing him for about 20 minutes, so I was ready to wrap it up. But when I stopped, I looked up from between his legs and he's giving me that amaaaazing sex-crazed glare from his blue eyes and says "where's your lube?"
All it took was a glance at the nighttable and he had it out of the drawer. I got up on my knees and he pushes me down onto my back. He squeezes some lube out into his hand and wraps his big hand around my hard cock and starts jerking me off. Meanwhile, his left hand is going between my legs and he starts fingering my ass. My brain is going into sensory overload and now I start writhing around on the bed. This just seemed to spur him on even more and he has 3 fingers inside me by this point and doing a bang-up job on my dick. Of course, all I can manage to say is "fuck me" so he moves back a little and grabs my ankles. He's now running his hands down the backs of my calves and up my thighs, pulling me closer to him. He's still got that hungry crazed look in his eyes, so when he positioned himself, I steeled myself for a rough sweaty fuck. And that's just exactly what I got.

My hair is a little longer now, kinda like it was when we started fucking around 5 years ago. So at one point, we're turned around facing the foot of the bed, and the mirror, and he's fucking me really hard doggie-style when he notices the mirror. He grabs a handful of my hair and starts slamming his dick into me, and totally surprises me by growling "you like watching me fuck you? I bet you missed my cock in your ass" I'm, at this point, trying not to hyperventilate, it feels so good. He lets go of my hair and grips my hips so hard I was sure he broke the skin. He's fucking me so hard, the bed, which is a heavy wooden king size bed, was moving away from the wall. The fireplace was on and it was hotter than hell in there so we're both covered in sweat which you all know is a major turn on for me. Plus I'm getting to watch the whole thing in the mirror, his wet hair stuck to his forehead, the sweat dripping off of us both, his teeth gritted and the dim light accenting every muscle in his body. I knew as soon as I caught this image that I was done for, and I groaned "harder Brad. I'm ready" and as soon as I said "ready" he started moaning soooo loud and somehow managed to fuck me even harder. I started cumming and was sure my head was exploding when he slams it home and yells "FUUUUUCK!!!!" and unloads inside of me. All I remember after that is taking another sip of water and I wake up about 5 hours later, me laying in my bed normally, Brad laying crossways on it. I moved around so I was laying next to him and thought I would steal some time before he woke up to just lay there next to him. I was laying on my side and put my arm around his waist and fell back asleep.

A few hours later I awoke again to him getting out of bed. I immediately thought "oh no. He's gonna have major regrets or be pissed off at me or both" but when he noticed I was awake, he just smiled and said good morning. The rest of his time here, you wouldn't know anything had ever happened between the two of us. He left a few days later, and I'm actually happy it was just a one-time (or one-more-time) thing.

Later that day, I kinda had the familiar feeling that I used to have and got a little worried. But it went away, thank God. As much fun as it was, I couldn't go through that again with Brad, it's wayyy too complicated. For those of you who have read my whole blog know what I'm talkig about. To those of you who haven't, I strongly urge you to read up, especially anything from 2006 (which really, is the majority of the whole thing) My experiences with Brad are fully explained and there are also quite a few pretty hot sex sessions mixed in there too.

So there's the story guys & girls, I hope you enjoyed it! It was long overdue...



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You're not going to believe this...

...I woke up next to Brad this morning. I'll leave you with that for awhile ;)


Thursday, January 07, 2010

Happy New Year (?) to me...

Hey everyone... I didn't forget to add the rest of my story. We're just on a bit of a "break" right now, I guess, and haven't felt much like writing about our early days. Long story short (you know one of these days I'm gonna need to vent and give you the long version) but he seems to be on the fence (no pun intended...kinda) as to SURPRISE! whether or not he wants to be in a serious relationship with a guy! Honestly, I can't really hold it against him because I've been there before too, but like, DUDE! I can only go through this same old story so many times! As a bisexual guy, it is an extra turn-on to nail a "straight" guy, whether or not he is totally straight, but one of these times I'd like him to say "yeah I'm willing to give it a try" and then actually LIKE it! It would help so-ooo much if the only guys that say this weren't totally hot and nice and awesome to be around. It sounds horribly shallow but the only guys who seem to want to give me anything more are the ones that I'm not attracted to. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Any advice? Anyone? Please??