A first-hand account of the fallout from one drunken summer night in July 2005.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Can't wait...

Busy busy busy, work work work. This is the busiest time of the year at my job, and I'm going on vacation next week so I've been trying to get the summer intern trained so she can do my job while I'm away - I'll be goddamned if I'm coming back from a 10-day drunk to a stack of work three feet high on my desk... So that's what I've been up to - getting her trained and working later to get the shit done that I didn't get done during the day...

So last weekend went well, I got realllllly drunk, like I said I would, had a nice time. A bunch of friends all gathered at Scott's camp for the weekend, nothing or no one got out of hand, no drama, just a really relaxing, fun weekend. Regrettably, no "fun" stories to tell. Well, that's my own fault I guess...

About 8 Saturday evening Brad passed out in a tent on the lawn at Scott's camp, and we all took turns trying to wake him up, which like I said is hard to do when he's drunk. But on my second trip to the tent he about half-woke up. I grinned and said "get the fuck up, you're missing the party!" And he just reached up and grabbed the crotch of my jeans. I pulled back a little bit and he said "Awe c'mon, it'll be fun, all those people up at the camp and we're right here doin' it."
Reluctantly, I said no, that it was wayyy to risky. So that was that.

After we all went home Sunday, all I felt like doing was laying on the couch. I know I wasn't home 45 minutes when my phone rang. Brad wanted me to come "hang out" but when he said it he sounded kinda weird, like something was wrong. No alarms going off or anything, he just sounded different. As tired as I was though, I drove down to his house.

The only vehicle in the driveway was his car, and when I went inside it wasn't hard to tell he definitely was the only one home. Turns out his parents had decided to camp out for another night, his brother has (finally) moved out, and his youngest sister was gone for the week somewhere. I really expected him to just grab me and haul me up the stairs to his bedroom but he didn't. And really at that time I wasn't complaining. Honestly, we were both so tired from the weekend that neither of us could even think about how much energy it would take to have sex. So I layed down on his couch (THE most comfortable couch in the world) and he sat down on the floor in front of me and asked if I wanted to watch a movie, I said sure. We watched The Hills Have Eyes, a movie I'd seen in theatre but Brad hadn't seen it yet so I watched it again. About halfway through he got us something to drink and when he came back he laid down on the couch with me and pulled my right arm around him. We both just laid there, watching the movie. I had a sudden feeling of nostalgia, how me and the Ex used to lay like this and watch movies all the time, and it occurred to me that aside from sleeping in a bed together, which usually resulted in sex, Brad and I had never done this before. There was nothing really sexual about it, no grinding, rubbing, I didn't even have a hardon. We were just laying there, watching a movie. It was kinda nice.

After the movie ended, we decided to make some supper. I made up some hamburgers and he sliced potatoes and we threw everything on the barbecue. We ate, and helped one another clean up the kitchen. By this time it was around 8 o'clock, and I was thinking about heading home. Brad started walking back into the living room, and asked if I was staying for awhile. I said yeah, I would, and instead of sitting on the couch he started upstairs. He made it about 3 steps up and turned to me,

"Comin'?" He asked me quietly
"yeah" was my reply, and sleepily we both headed upstairs.

When we got to his room I sat down on the edge of his bed and he walked right up to me. He reached down and started pulling my shirt over my head, and after he got it off, I pulled his off. He pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me. It was so goddamn hot outside, which meant it was 20 degrees hotter on the second floor of his farmhouse, and we were already dead-tired, this heat was making us go in slow motion, almost fighting to stay awake.

Brad let his head rest in the crook of my neck, where he started kissing. It felt good, and I started massaging his back. He moved his face up to mine and kissed me on the lips, before rolling onto his side. He pulled me onto my side so I was facing him and we ended up with our arms around each other. We made out for I don't know how long, and ended up falling asleep. We must have dozed off at the same time because neither of us remembers being awake while the other was asleep. When I awoke, it was dark, and Brad and I were still both laying sideways on his bed. I looked at his clock and it said it was 11:15. I started to get up, and he awoke. I told him I had to go home, but he told me I could stay, since no one else in the house was home. I thought about it for a minute, and decided I would as long as I was up by 7:00 so I could drive home and get ready for work. He said no problem and set the alarm.

I snuck out at around 7:15; Brad never woke up. I called him at 10:30 and there was no answer, and when I went to lunch at 12 my cell rang. It was him, saying that he had just woken up about 10 minutes ago. I told him he was a lucky bastard for not having to drag himself out of bed and had ended up sleeping for about 14 hours.

The rest of the week was pretty boring, Saturday night a few of us went over to a friends house and sat around outside. I had been at Scott's earlier and Bitch called there, and told me to "go find Brad." I asked her why, and she said that when she left his house, he was right behind her, supposedly following her to my house where she was gonna leave her car for the night (why I don't know...) but when she turned left to go to my house, Brad turned right and hadn't been heard from since. I informed her that that wasn't really my problem, that I wasn't his babysitter and if he wanted to go somewhere else that was his choice. About an hour later Brad pulls into Scott's house and we all went over to another friends' house (as mentioned before).

When it came time to leave there, I decided that I had too much to drink to drive home, and Bitch was there anyway, so Brad suggested I sleep at his place. And then he winked. I just shook my head as we walked in the door, because his parents and youngest sister were all home. He was persistant until I finally fell asleep (in his brothers bed).

I awoke the next morning to Brad and his father in a shouting match about something or other, this is nothing unusual. I waited until I heard his dad leave and I got out of bed, we had breakfast, and went about our days. Brad had a family thing to go to Sunday afternoon, and I was still sooo tired, I just went home and slept all day.

That brings us up to this week. Like I said, this is the busiest time of year for me at work, so I've been killing myself, and I can't wait until 5:00 p.m. Friday. As busy as I am, the week honestly could not be going any slower. Hell, it's even taken me three days to write this post, and it's not even that long! The date says July 4th, but it's 2 p.m. on the 6th now and I'm just gonna stop writing now and post.

Hopefully I'll have some time next week to write something.